“What’s In?”

When it comes to interior design and home furnishings it seems that  people are always asking, “What’s in?”

Depending on which designer or industry professional you ask, you may get similar or more than likely very different  opinions.  The good news, it is 2018 and most of the answers you receive may be correct.  No matter what your personal style is you should have no problem finding things you like that are current.   We live in a time that everyone can choose what they like and every interior can express the person or people who live and dwell within it.

Modern, Contemporary, Rustic, Industrial Chic, Lodge, Traditional, Cottage, Casual and the term which spans many styles- Transitional; all of these and  others are current. The manufacturers in the home furnishings and design industry offer broad choices and selections for all of them.  Whatever style or  colors your are drawn to, interior designers can help you create your own beautiful and unique space.

Hickory Park represents more than 80 lines of furniture, lighting, accessories and rugs.   Come in or call us and we will help you creat the perfect space.  

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