A little decoration goes a long way…

Accessories are key to giving your home that finished look. Clutter is gone.  It is now replaced by fewer dramatic pieces. Too many accessories and too much clutter make your space feel confined. By reducing to a couple key pieces, your home will have a more peaceful atmosphere.  Choose accessories that pop with color or architectural details to add big style to your home.

The Top 5 Trends of 2010

  • Metallic is in, mirrored is out – furniture takes on a new looks with the new metallic finishes that are available.
  • Asian styles are back and hotter than ever!  Look for Japanese art fabrics to inspire the new look in Asian style furniture.
  • Bright colors are in; neutrals are out -picture bright sofas with neutral throw pillows instead of neutral sofas with bright throw pillows.
  • Go green- look for furniture manufactured from reclaimed wood.
  • Eclectic –take the past, mix in some now, and you have a traditional look with a twist that will be hot, hot, hot!!

Going green…

You recycle glass and plastic, newspapers and magazines. You donated to the resale store before it was hip. But, what about your furniture selections? Did you know that you can “go green” with furniture? Going green is a hot decorating trend that not only makes your home look fantastic but also feels good to your soul.

For some, the decision to go green is so simple and they have no problem including reclaimed, recycled wood pieces into their home. For others, it’s not that easy. Images of dumpster diving and beaten used furniture cloud their mind. Because of this, the terminology has been changed to make recycling more appealing. You may see the terms antique, vintage, barn or reclaimed wood. These words are used to describe wood that is old and worn and given a new purpose in life. Most reclaimed wood comes from old barns, warehouses, box cars and flooring. Imperfections, such as warps, cracks, nail and worm holes are left untouched to capture the true character of the wood. Recycled boards are then hand crafted into custom pieces of reclaimed wood furniture.

Using reclaimed wood is not only great for the environment, but it can provide an inspiration for your home and decorating needs. Let the feel and history of the wood encourage you to “go green” in ways you never thought possible.

Please visit Hickory Park Furniture to view our unique pieces of reclaimed wood furniture.

Dog Days of Summer

Does the approaching Dog Days of Summer have you BLUE?  Well…Cheer up….BLUE is one of the Hottest Colors now!  We are showing off lots of vibrant shades of BLUE in our new furniture items, accessories and even on our walls!  Come by and take a peek…at Hickory Park…it is sure to put a smile on your face!

Welcome Summer!

Welcome Summer! You think it’s HOT outside…wait until you see the NEW COLORS for Fall. Back from Fabric Fair in High Point…and saw fabulous arrays of ORANGE, TURQUOISE, PURPLES…and HOT PINK! Put your Sunglasses on and get ready ….Your going to LOVE what you see!